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    Badaouia has long been rooted in the Moroccan market. It is the reference for the Moroccan housewife of high quality products that provide taste and pleasure for the whole family.


    King Fruit and Mocitos are internationally renowned product ranges, which offer a large assortment of fruit juices. From delicate nectars to subtle fruit cocktails,King Fruit and Mocitos offer intense flavors and delicate aromas of fruit juice with all the essential nutritional properties


    The delicious spreads Sergio combine know-how and chocolate good taste through a ‘mono’ range with hazelnuts and a ‘duo’ range with a subtle blend of milk cream and cocoa for the pleasure of adults and children


    Lahdia is a real pleasure for tea experts. Cultivated in pure Chinese tradition , the Lahdia tea is selected in the best plantations in China and comes across a rich and varied range of Mekrkeb and Châara

  • Excelo

    After becoming a key player in the Moroccan biscuits  industry, Excelo managed to quickly break though in a highly competitive industry. Through continuous disruptive innovation and strict quality controls, the brand has achieved  leadership in the cookies industry segment.

    With its brands Genova Top cookies, Momo, Orry, Biggy, Sergio and Mary Trini, Excelo sells over a million units per day and has become one of the success stories in biscuits in Morocco.